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    Our Sichuan Province has been suffering from unusually severe earthquakes since May 12th . The affected areas are vast, the economic loss is huge and the suffering of the people is painfully tremendous, so people around the world begin to show support by donating money. Recently there has been a contributions ranking on the web. Our students held a heated discussion on it.

    Some students suppose that the amount of the money you donated can not be equated with your love and meanwhile there are various ways to aid the people in the disaster area besides donating money.

    On the contrary other students hold the different opinions. They think that the money in donation is a standard which can measure your love. Besides the more money you donate the more help victims can receive, so the more the better.


    As far as I am concerned, how much the money you donate depends on the amount of the income. But the companies and factories should take more social responsibility to help the people rebuild their home, and therefore they should make more contributions. As a saying goes blood is thicker than water, we students should give out our hands without hesitation, and donate our pocket money no matter how much it is as every penny counts and every penny is your expression of love.


    As far as I am concerned, it does not matter how much money you donate. The most important thing is to show care and support to the victims of the quake. Donators should take their financial conditions into consideration, while doing charity. In addition, donation should not become a competition. Last but not least, that everyone does a good job in a matter within their own is also a contribution to the disaster areas.

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