Returning Food in a Restaurant – Yes

I truly believe it is “old school” to think  your food is always safe when sent back to the kitchen.  Don’t feel bad, I too, felt this way before I entered into the the world of the food service industry.  As much as one would hope these things could never happen, they do.  The odds

5 Helpful Tips when Eating out with Kids

Having a nice relaxing night out at dinner is a pleasure.  It can be a chance to unwind, relax and have a really fun time with family.  Unfortunately children sometimes make this a sheer impossibility.  Screaming, yelling and tantrums can mar a very nice evening.  To remedy this issue here is a list of 5

Guide to Hosting a Business Lunch or Dinner

Hosting a business lunch or dinner takes precise planning and close attention to details. The amount of effort involved may depend on whether you’re responsible for six, 60 or 600 guests. Just stick to your original plan, and no matter what the size of the job, you’ll get through it successfully. A step-by-step guide can

All you can Eat Buffet Etiquette

The words “etiquette” and “all-you-can-eat buffet” are seldom used in the same sentence, and anyone who frequents these dining establishments knows that during busy times, walking up to a buffet is like stepping onto a roller derby rink.  Elbows and expletives fly, and any semblance of class and etiquette is tossed into the dumpster like

The secret to a great cup of coffee

The first thing to keep in mind when making a great cup of coffee is the tool of preparation: the coffee maker. Do some research and take your personal preferences into account. There are so many — drip, percolator, French press, and espresso machines — you need to find one that is top notch. Luckily,

Removing coffee and tea stains from teeth safely

Having a great smile is a key for success. In order to have great self confidence and to feel attractive, you’ll want to look your best. However, even the most beautiful person can become not so attractive if their teeth are yellow or brown from harmful effects of coffee or tea stains. I mean really,

Reusing coffee grounds in the garden

Many coffee-drinkers view an empty pot as a sign to dump the old grounds and make a fresh batch of coffee. But what if you can reuse those grounds to improve your garden? Are you green’ enough to try? Reused coffee grounds are an excellent addition to your compost pile. Placed in the pile with

How To Treat Sun Poisoning

The best possible remedy for sun poisoning is obviously PREVENTION. We all know the dangers of not using a sun screen cream to protect us from ultraviolet rays. Use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 and higher for sensitive skin and children. It’s a good idea to keep sun screen in the bag or the

Five Reasons why you should Tip in a Restaurant

I used to wait tables in restaurants.  For 13 years, it was my job to make sure customers enjoyed a wonderful dining experience.  The food had to be appetizing.  The ambience had to be enlightening.  The atmosphere had to be enticing.  Restaurants depended on their servers to be precise and professional.  As a former server,

Symptoms present in various classes of Crohn’s disease

Crohn’s disease is a chronic (severe and persisting from weeks to months after tissue damage) inflammatory (natural defense mechanism of the human body against injury, infection and allergy marked by an increase in regional blood flow, migration of white blood cells and release of chemical toxins) bowel disease that can affect anywhere in the gastrointestinal